The idea

BarbaraeZiba Dog's Lands is the result of creativity, imagination, fortune and love towards animals.

It is a part of me. It was with me in the most important moments of my life. Sometimes it was locked in a drawer. Sometimes it lied on my desk or in front of the computer. But it has always been in my mind.

It was conceived with Ziba, an old friend of mine. It has often been rewritten, reworked and improved. It came to life little by little, thanks to the idea of amazing my friends by giving them something special.

With my creative flair, I was able to draw these pretty little faces, without knowing their future purpose.

Imagination later became reality: the wine that my company has been producing since the 70s and my passion for animals came together to create the first Dog's Lands.

Here there is a collection of images, words and especially creations so that watching them everyone can recognize their faithful friends and decide to honor them with something special.

Barbara Beltrami   

See the Creations

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