Dog's Lands

The passion for dogs and the long wine tradition are the foundations of Dog's Lands. In Tuscany, in the territory of the Chianti wine lies Impruneta, a town where vineyards and magnificent secular olive trees frame the family company: La Colombaia Ville di Bagnolo.

It is in our wine cellars, under the supervision of a little "furry" enologist, Trudy, that the special edition of bottles, dedicated to the wonderful pet world, comes to life.

The wine chosen for this special Dog's Lands product line is the red IGT[1] Supertuscan Sangiovese "Terre del Cotto".

But what makes this bottle so special?

A cutie fuzzy nose, a pencil drawing and a paint brush wake up emotions.

Every single label is hand drawn or water colored.

If you want a unique and special bottle, you only have to send a picture of your four-legged friend to Barbara. She conceived the project and she will carefully create it with passion and patience.

[1] Ndt: IGT, indicazine geografica tipica, is a national classification denoting wine coming from a specific region within Italy.

Our Dog's Lands limited edition

It is an elegant wine: it is well structured and slightly tannic. It matures in sessile oak barrels for three years and then it is aged in bottles, where a long process of improvement starts. Its color is an intense ruby-red. It releases aromas of red fruit: blueberries and currants. It has secondary notes of spices with a prevalence of vanilla.

The Farm

La Colombaia Ville di Bagnolo is an ancient farm on the outskirts of Florence, surrounded by the green Tuscan countryside on the hills of Impruneta.

The drawings and watercolors customizable

Tutte le crezioni sono disegnate a mano libera oppure dipinte ad acquerello e realizzate sulla base delle fotografie dei vostri amici a quattro zampe.

Every single label is free hand drawn or water colored using pictures of your pet friends to make every creation unique.

Events and News

All the latest news and events dedicated to Dog's Lands and the pet world.

Events and News

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